Brother PE770 Reviews: Best In Market?

The innovation of Embroidery art has brought a whole new evolution in the Sewing industry.

The Brother’s is a renowned old Japanese industry serving the market with various electronic devices, including embroidery and Sewing Machines.

The Brother is also a leader in embroidery technology is a must-have to take your embroidery skills to a whole new level.

This article is solely dedicated to the one and only Brother PE770 embroidery machine.

We will review every feature of the grand embroidery machine and discuss its value for money and answer all your performance-related questions.

We will also be talking in details about some of the fascinating features such as:

  • 136 Built-in Embroidery designs
  • Maximum Embroidery area
  • Built-In Memory
  • Design Editing
  • Easy Threading
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Light Weight Material
  • USB Cable

So make sure to hang up till the end of the article to do justice to your decision to choose the proper embroidery machine for your seamless career in embroidery and learn about the unique features that the Brother PE770 provides.

Brother PE770 Reviews: Overview

brother pe770 embroidery machine reviews

The Brother PE770 is a fantastic embroidery machine that is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals.

It provides the user with a smooth experience of embroidering.

It comes with 136 built-in embroidery designs, ten built-in frame designs, and last but not the most minor, six built-in fonts.

Additionally, it comes with computer connectivity which, with the help of a simple USB, can download more embroidering and frame design from Brother’s website.

The machine is specially engineered with a large embroidering area which gives the user enough space to work comfortably, avoiding creating a mess and also reduces chances of committing mistakes.

Also, it is technically advanced with a large Backlit LED Screen and a touch screen to input information swiftly.

Brother PE770 Reviews: Features

1. 136 Built-in Embroidery designs

Embroidery becomes interesting when we have many options for the designs, and with the Brother PE770, embroidery becomes super interesting as the machine provides a variety of 136 built-in designs.

The user can randomly select any design with the help of the LCD Screen and go on embroidering.

The designs offered by the machines are delicate and diverse, with detailing features.

Such a wide range of choices makes the whole creation more wonderful.

2. Maximum Embroidery area

The work of embroidery requires immense delicacy and precision.

Keeping this in mind, the Brothers manufactured PE770 with a grand embroidering space of 5″ *7″.

This lets the user work without any hassle and gives the best.

The maximum embroidering area ensures giving the user enough space to work comfortably, avoiding creating a mess, and reducing chances of committing mistakes.

3. Built-In Memory

One of the most amazing features of Brother PE770 is the Built-in memory which enables the user to store the design in the memory.

The machine already provides a variety of built-in functions.

Still, the user will also import a design from the Brother’s portal to the embroidery machine simply through a USB Cable and store them in the inbuilt memory.

The user can also input frame designs and fonts.

4. Design Editing

Despite providing such a huge range of choices with the design of the embroidery, frames, and fonts.

The Brother PE770 also has the feature of editing the design, which brings out the creativity of the embroiderer and helps to attain the perks of embroidery.

The feature of editing the designs also makes this piece a perfect deal for professionals.

And lets the beginners explore the field of art and learn the concept of composition.

It also provides features such as mirror images, rotates, and size edits.

5. Easy Threading

The Brother PE770 gives its user the comfortability of easy threading with advanced features such as an automatic needle threader which makes threading effortless.

It also makes threading easy with the variety of threading options elaborately displayed on the LCD Screen and can easily be chosen or changed with the help of the Screen touch feature.

brother pe770 reviews

6. Automatic Needle Threader

This feature is of immense use and makes one of the most tedious jobs done effortlessly, that is, putting the tread into the eye of the needle.

The mechanism of the needle threader is that it consists of a tab that further consists of a tiny hook.

The tab needs to be pulled down, and once done, the hook holds on the eye of the needle, making sure that the thread coming through the guide goes inside the eye of the needle.

This feature is a must in Embroidery Machines as here.

The threads need to be changed frequently to create designs.

7. Light Weight Material

The Brother PE770 is not only mechanically sound but also is designed to give a sleek outlook.

The machine is technically designed with the lightest material and, in total, weighs 26.95 pounds.

It is easily movable and is compactly designed to give a seamless experience.

Despite being lightweight, it is durable and performs an excellent job with strong straight stitches.

8. USB Cable

The most exciting feature of the Brother PE770, which makes this machine more exciting, is that it comes with a dedicated USB port for inserting the USB memory stick to enable computer connectivity.

This helps in importing all types of required designs, including frame designs and fonts.

Brother PE770 Reviews: Pricing

We must say the leader of embroidering technology has very wisely priced the grand Brother PE770.

Looking at the uncountable smart features that this machine offers, followed by its performance and impeccable market reviews, one must be convinced to pay a sum of INR 81,004.

The cost price is doing enough justice to the computerized embroidery machine with an infinite design choice and many more.

Brother PE770: Things That I Like

brother pe770 reviews embroidery machine reviews

The Brother PE770 is a dream machine for both beginners and professionals in the field of embroidery.

It has already gained a grand market reputation for its out-of-the-box performance in embroidery. Some of the features which pleased me are:

1. The wide range of inbuilt design and the feature to import an infinite number of designs from the web to excel in the field of embroidery.

2. The wide workspace provided for carefree working.

3. The machine is extremely flexible, along with such a wide range of inbuilt designs.

4. It also provides design editing features, including mirror-image, rotates, and size edits

5. It comes with computer connectivity and a dedicated USB port.

6. It has an inbuilt automatic needle threader and trimmer, which makes handling the bobbin much easier.

Brother PE770: Things That I Don’t Like

The outstanding Brother PE770 has almost left no rooms for complaints, we must say.

But we would like to suggest one thing to the manufacturers and developers: that a better version of the machine would have the ability to do the basic stitches at least.

It would have to complement the amazing embroidery it does.

The Knit Stitch Bottom Line: Brother PE770 Reviews

The Brother PE770 is a steal deal and is a must-buy for all the embroidery aspirants and professionals out there to experience and take their embroidery experience to a whole new level.

It provides an ocean of wonderful features to create remarkable pieces of embroidery.

1. Is Our Brother’s Embroidery Machines Good?

Brother is a traditional Japanese industry well known in the world for its embroidery technologies.

It has provided the market with some of the best embroidery machines, including the Brother PE770 being one among them.

2. Are Murphy Embroidery Machines Better Than Brother?

Murphy embroidery is the greatest competitor of Brother embroidery machines, but the Brother Industry is way advanced than the Murphy in many aspects.

Thus Murphy embroidery machines are good but not better than Brother’s.


With a detailed study of the Brother PE770 Reviews, here we boil down to the conclusion, the most vital part that will help you decide if you will get home the grand Brother PE770 for your embroidery career ahead.

Looking at the high-end technicalities and the variety of features, and most importantly, the least number of drawbacks.

It is very easy for us to decide to get the best home and unwind new horizons of embroidering.

Such an advanced model within reach with an affordable price is what all the embroiderers are looking forward to.

With this, we come to the end of the review of the Brother’s PE770.

Do let us know your thoughts on the same, describing your likes and dislikes.

And if you are already using this beast, please let us know your likes and dislikes about the same.

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