Brother XR9500PRW Review: Limited Edition Sewing Machine

In this article, we will tell you about a truly amazing limited edition sewing machine, Brother XR9500PRW Review.

If you want to buy the latest sewing machine to enhance your skills.

You can look at this amazing machine and read this article till the end so you can figure out that this is the thing you were looking for.

The brand of the sewing machine is a Brother. It’s made of Full metal.

Brother XR9500PRW Review: Overview

It’s a Lightweight Machine of 9.92 Pounds, and its dimensions are 20.28 × 12.68 × 17.64 inches and work on electricity.

We will tell you about features like a large and intuitive LCD, 110 Built-In Stitches, and an Automatic Needle Threader.

Gears for eight different styles for perfect buttonholes, with eight sewing feet, included.

It comes with a computerized sewing machine and a large table hard case.

It comes with 80 Built-In Utility decorative and Heirloom Stitches, each with multiple stitch functions (120).

This is a perfect sewing machine for enhancing your skills on the person they will like making things for your home decor and creating your professional projects.

This is equipped with a large LCD screen on it.

It is a fully Computerized Sewing Machine.

It provides you with every possible function as an automatic needle threader, different stitching styles, Embroidery Designs, creating perfect Buttonholes, etc.

brother project runway xr9500prw

This is Light Weight and Portable, a fully Computerized Machine with the automatic thread cutter, quick set bobbins, Automatic Start Feature, and stop and reserve reverse feature.

One-Touch Start, Stop, and Reverse feature.

It can be operated with or without footwork on it according to your comfort.

It also comes with an Electronic Sewing Speed Control which allows you to control the speed of stitching on the project you were working on according to the need of the project.

Build-in storage for accessories to keep.

You can control the length and width of the stitch on the material you are working on. Adjust the tension of the thread. Switch and power control.

The toxin has a LED fitted in the working area so that you don’t get a load on your eyes, and you can see every aspect of your stitch work done.

It has a great metal frame which increases the durability of the machine. Comes with a high-performance thread serger with an adjustable stitch width of about 3.0mm to 7.0mm.

Works with different color-coded thread guides and comes with many Loppers on the upper and the lower case, and it’s easy to use, as it comes with a DVD and a manual guide.

Comes with One Year Warranty from the date of purchase.


Now let’s have a detailed description of each feature.

1. Large and Intuitive LCD

You just have to choose the style of the state you want to do and click the intuitive display on the screen, and you are ready to go and work with the stitch you have selected.

110 Build-In Stitches– this limited edition computerized sewing machine includes 165 utility, different decorative types of building stitches for handlooms, curtain work, work of embroidery, handlooms, etc.

2. Automatic Needle Threader

With just one touch, you can put the thread right in the middle without any problem, and it’s very quick and easy to do.

3. 8 Gears for Perfect Buttonholes

You can choose anyone from the eight gears for one step or auto-size buttonholes for a perfect buttonhole.

The machine provides 110 utility, decorative, heirloom style.

4. 8 Sewing Feet Included

Do great work on any project with the large and wide hard case provided on the big quilt project.

Do a great job with 8 different presser feet, including Zigzag Buttonholes, Zipper, button sewing, overcasting, blind switch, monogramming, and quilting feet features.

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brother xr9500prw review

Other Features:-

  • It can do 850-1300 status per minute.
  • Most importantly, it comes with many accessories with the sewing machine.
  • Pouch with essential sewing accessories in it.
  • A DVD and reading manual for the users can easily access every feature easily and enhance their creativity level.
  • Needle set, ballpoint needle, twin needle.
  • A power cord with the pedal is also given so that the comfortable people working with their feet can work with full comfort.
  • Cleaning brush, eyesight punch, seam ripper so that you can maintain the cleanliness of the machine for a long time.
  • 3- spool caps and spool pins.
  • 4- bobbins
  • And also comes with our wide and large hard case.
  • Comes with a hardcover for the sewing machine.

Brother XR9500PRW Pricing

It costs around 249 dollars which is pretty much affordable for a completely computerized sewing machine.

Which provides you so many amazing features so that you can work comfortably on it and enhance your creativity skills by working for yourself.

Like for your home decor, and working on it on your professional project as well.

Brother XR9500PRW Review: Things That I Like

If I talk about the personal review of this machine.

I like that it gives you so many options and designs for stitches for different purposes, and it comes with accessories, so you don’t have to buy them.

It gives two guides, one in the form of a DVD and 1 in the form of a manual guide so that you can easily access all the possible features of it.

They gave all the cleansing accessories also so that you can maintain your sewing machine.

Otherwise, in most of the machines, they do not provide you with any material to maintain the cleanliness of the machine.

It has a large working area with a LED fit on it. Most importantly it is a computerized machine so it contains many features that can give huge ease to your work.

You can control many things with that like stop, reverse and start with just one touch. The speed of the thread work according to your comfort can also be controlled.

brother xr9500prw sewing machine review

Brother XR9500PRW Review: Things That I Don’t Like

The things that are not good with this Sewing Machine, according to my review.

Main reviews say that after using this machine three to four times the machine was not working properly.

If you leave the machine for one or two months without using it, junk or some part of it gets broken very easily as they are delicate.

You cannot use all the accessories without the feat pedlar.

It is lightweight, so you can take it anywhere you want, but it won’t stay in place when you sew at high speed.

Make sure from which dealer you are buying it.

As many of them will not provide you with all the accessories or some may give you the old product which may have delicate working gears fitted in it, and they may break very easily.

As it is an electronic item, problems may arise, so make sure you use it properly and as the package arrives, make sure you check all the features that are working.

If not, exchange immediately or contact the dealer and ask for a refund. If the dealer is not responding, the dropper properly complains to the brother company.

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The Knit Stitch Bottom Line: Brother XR9500PRW Review

I would highly recommend this machine, but if any problem occurs in the machine, make sure you report it.

As an overall review, it’s nice it comes with so many features and additional accessories that can help you enhance your creativity level and learn new skills.


So tell us what your views about it are. Make sure you buy what you are looking for.

Now it’s your turn to get you new access and opportunity to increase your level.

Make sure you tell us if you have any better options or alternatives for this machine and what you will buy?

If not this one, make sure you tell us about your opinion on this machine in the comment section and, of course, the name of better options for sewing machines.

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