Janome 8077 Reviews: Is this Machine Useful?

The Japanese company Janome was founded back in 1921. It manufactures Sewing Machines, Electronic Presses, and various kinds of robots but is renowned for its sewing machines.

Since then, it has been doing wonders in the field of stitching. Among many of its firsts, one of the remarkable is introducing the first research center for sewing machines.

The literal meaning of the word Janome is the eye of a snake which defines an algorithm used by the manufacturers.

This perfection is well reflected in the sewing machines the company manufactures.

The company owns its manufacturing plants in Japan as well as in Taiwan and Thailand. Not only this, it trades and has branches almost all over the globe.

Janome 8077 is one of the most versatile models and technologically advanced sewing machines with immense features. It is designed to stitch seamlessly.

This is even a great choice for beginners for its simplicity. It is effortfully designed to meet all the requirements of the customer.

Janome 8077 is so very exciting that we couldn’t resist giving a Janome 8077 Reviews from scratch and gathering all the details, especially for you all, The special features which will be discussed in details to provide depth are:

  •       Cost/value
  •       Camera
  •       Battery
  •       Ease of use
  •       Advanced features
  •       Performance
  •       Design
  •       and more

So, make sure to go through the entire one and make the best decision for yourself to start or continue your sewing career.

Janome 8077 Reviews: Overview

To get introduced to Janome 8077 quickly at a greater depth, go through this Janome 8077 Reviews containing every required detail about the computerized machine with endless features and a sleek look.

The Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machines have brought new edges to sewing, quilting, and button work with endless technicality to work with perfection and comfort.

Computerized sewing machines have the edge over other models due to their simplicity and perfection.

Janome 8077 is a smart worker with a maximum stitch of width 7mm and maximum stitch of length 5mm, along with six one-step buttonholes making capability.

It provides a wide variety of choices to stitch 30 different kinds of stitches. This can be operated very easily and already has a grand market review.

It can sew at a very high speed of 820 stitches per minute. Reverse stitches are now hassle-free as they are just one click away.

Yes has a dedicated button for reverse stitches, making this mammoth task easy. For controlling speed, it consists of a speed control slider which is very smooth to use.

janome 8077 sewing machines

There is no chance of messing up with the bobbin in this model, along with the inbuilt needle threader also has an Auto Declutch Bobbin Winder and top loading full rotary hook bobbin.

It also consists of a locking stitch button which ensures strong, durable stitches.

For effortless sewing, it also features the facility of a free arm, which ensures proper stitching and comfort. The extra-high presser Foot Lift is another main attraction of this model.

The machine is engineered with delicacy, and its outlook is even enhanced with the Backlit LED Screen and easy navigation keys.

Janome’s Superior Feed System Plus features the most exciting 7-piece feed dog to ensure that even the thickest, multi-layer projects can move under the needle with precision and ease.

The machine is easily movable with a total weight of 18.2 pounds.

Along with all these amazing features, Janome 8077 provides complementary accessories, including specialized bobbins, Satin stitch Foot F, sliding buttonhole foot, spool stand, and a Zig-Zag foot enhances the performance of the machine and pleases its user with every use.

Janome 8077 Reviews: Features And Specifications

1. Automatic Needle Threader

This feature is of immense use and makes one of the most tedious jobs done effortlessly, that is, putting the tread into the eye of the needle.

The mechanism of the needle threader is that it consists of a tab that further consists of a tiny hook.

The tab needs to be pulled down, and once done, the hook holds on the eye of the needle, making sure that the thread coming through the guide goes inside the eye of the needle.

The automatic needle threader in Janome is more precise as it is computerized and does the work smoothly without any hassle.

Once the insertion is successful, we can continue sewing instantly, and once it is done, we can use the Auto declutch bobbin winder to take it out neatly.

During sewing, we can also use the top loading full rotary hook bobbin to ensure that the thread is not tangled and gives a smooth service.

This feature is inbuilt with the machine and even enables people with eyesight problems to work independently. And even reduces the chances of accidents with needles.

2. Speed Control Slider

A very advantageous ground that computerized sewing machines have over other mechanical ones is that they provide speed control.

The speed control slider in Janome 8077 is a true saver for professional users to sew at high speed with minute detailing without any pain.

The speed controller, which comes with a slider in Janome 8077, works like a miracle, as controlling a slider during sewing is super easy and handy.

It makes the job much easier and does it seamlessly. Despite setting a maximum stitching speed, it provides a smooth, professional experience.

Also, it’s really to handle a slider rather than a switch or a regulator to adjust speed while working at high speed with a delicate piece of work, as only sliding the speed controller does the job.

Sliding the speed controller to the left does the sewing slower, and sliding it to the right does the job at a higher speed.

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3. 6 One-Step Buttonholes

This feature makes the Computerized Janome 8077 more special, and the one-step buttonhole is a unique feature that is rarely seen in sewing machines.

Most of the sewing machines consist of four-step or six-step buttonholes, which require tedious labor and are even not perfect and handy.

The one-step buttonholes have made the job easier to a great extent. In Janome 8077, the need is to choose the pattern of design followed by setting the buttonhole foot and effortlessly pressing a button.

The whole job is now done in one go. There is an option to customize and tailor the buttonhole according to the perfect size of your button.

janome 8077 computerized sewing machine

4. 30 Stitches

The Janome 8077 comes with an amazing inbuilt 30 stitches pattern displayed in the front panel.

Now the user can stitch any of them at the comfort of just pressing a switch with easy switch selection.

An amazing collection of such a variety of stitches can be done seamlessly without any hassle with perfection.

The 30 inbuilt sewing stitches are elaborately displayed in the LED panel, these can be very easily used, and with the help of a lock, the stitcher produces durable stitches. Such a variety of in-built stitches are barely seen in any machine.

5. Easy Reverse Button

Sewing reverse stitches is an extremely difficult task and requires a lot of concentration and delicacy.

But with Janome 8077, reverse stitches are just a click away, there is no more hassle faced, and this tedious job of stitching in the opposite direction has been turned into an easy one by this special feature of the easy reverse button.

Even in the reverse stitches, there are options given for automatic sewings like zig-zag, multi zig-zag, straight needle left, or straight stitch, which makes this whole experience of reverse sewing even more interesting.

Janome 8077 Reviews: Janome 8077 Pricing

The specifications and features available in the Janome 8077 with the latest technologies and is a computerized sewing machine come at a very affordable price of $650 only.

The highly technical computerized machine has a great reputation in the market and has been serving its customer’s expectations in every possible aspect of sewing.

Also, it is durable, easy to use, mobile, and gives the user a very seamless experience along with detailing and perfection.

Keeping into account the number of stitches it provides at a very high speed of 860 Stitches Per Minute along with so many brand-new interesting features that make sewing easy and fun for beginners.

The professional Despite all these, the pricing is not quite justified. Especially compared with other machines of this range with these features present are comparatively less costly.

The package consists of a kit, along with the Janome 8077.

It also provides accessories, including specialized bobbins, Satin stitch Foot F, sliding buttonhole foot, spool stand, and a Zig-Zag foot.

janome 8077 reviews

Things I Like About Janome 8077

Janome 8077 is a versatile sewing machine engineered carefully to meet the comfort and need of its customers.

It consists of all the advanced features, including an inbuilt automatic needle threader, sleek look, easy to use, adjustable foot pressure, wide sewing space, and many more.

Amidst all these, some of my personal favorites about this machine include:

  •  It comes with a transparent Bobbin cover which helps in letting the user know how much tread is left.
  •  Consists of a LED Screen to display details.
  •  Have a wide choice of 30 Stitches for the user.
  •  Reverse Sewing with extreme ease.
  •  Makes one-step Buttonholes
  •  Comes with a dedicated Start/Stop Button which is of extreme importance and is not present mostly in sewing machines.

This machine demonstrates outstanding performance in the case of button work.

It produces acceptable quality buttonholes and even has room for tailoring and detailing in it.

Also, all these come at a very affordable price with free add-on accessories. It performs smart duty and is also flexible for various work modes.

Alongside it is specially designed for beginners with super simple adjustments, just the perfect piece of sews on your sewing career.

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Things I Don’t Like About Janome 8077

Every product comes with its own merits and demerits. However, we don’t have many complaints about the Janome 8077.

We would like to point out some fields where the manufacturers and the engineers need to pay a bit more attention.

One thing which bothers us is the hook of the automatic needle threader. It’s extremely tiny and fragile, so it would be acceptable if u work on the same. Another point of concern is that it is not a heavy-duty machine.

The main reason behind not being preferred. Despite having so many amazing features in the high-end budget, the machine is slightly overpriced.

Another most important factor that troubles the user is its less working space, which is not comfortable.

If the company works on the pricing without degrading the features and quality.

There is a high chance of this model to flourish and take over the market in a very short period.

The Knit Stitch Bottom Line: Janome 8077 Reviews

Janome 8077 is a high-end technical sewing machine with endless features and technicality.

The machine is appropriate for beginners who are thinking of starting a sewing career.

Those professionals need to produce delicate work in their fields.

We will highly recommend this product Despite it being overpriced because other machines of this range cannot provide you with all the features and technicality which Janome 8077 provides.

It also demonstrates fine delicate work. Which is durable and can be done with ease at the comfort of your own space as this can be mobilized very easily.

It is the Ultimate Computerized Sewing Machine to work on in this field.


According to us, in this era of smart-tech, Janome 8077 is a beast with extremely specialized features. It blows away the user.

It is also a perfectionist with its various features and a master in button work, which is indeed critical.

Simultaneously we cannot ignore the matter of the fact that it is a bit overpriced. Still, on the other hand, we cannot even sight examples of models that provide all the features Janome 8077 provides.

With this we come to the end of the Janome 8077 Reviews and here comes the vital decision-making part. Is Janome 8077 a dream machine which fits in all your need?

Or do you have insight into some other machine that can perform better in this range?

Either way, let us know your perspective about the Computerized Janome 8077.

And if you are already using this beast, please let us know your likes and dislikes about the same.

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