Juki HZL F600 Reviews: Is This Machine Worth It?

Overview of Juki HZL-F600

The Juki HZL-F600 is also referred to as the Exceed Quilt and Pro special. It is a computerized sewing machine which is fairly expensive.

This machine has been around for over 60 years, and it is used for household and industrial purposes.

This sewing machine is heavy, powerful and has so many patterns and features available to choose from. It has 225 stitching, including 16 professional buttonholes, four-letter fonts, and even a huge selection of included accessories.

Now let’s check out Juki HZL-F600 reviews.

  • Speed of Sewing – 900 pm
  • Type of Needle – 130R or 705H
  • No. of Stitches – 225
  • Maximum Width if Zig Zag – 7mm
  • The maximum length of Stitch – 5mm
  • No. of Buttonholes – 16
  • Foot Presser Lift – Manual (Adjustable Foot Pressure)
  • Type of Bobbin – 15 class

Juki HZL-F600 reviews

You can even do reverse sewing, which is automatic, programmable trimmers, an intelligent bobbin system, and so much more. Its weight is about 21 pounds. And it measures 23” x 14” x 16”. Juki can be described as “Packed a bunch in a small footprint”.

This machine is designed specially to produce excellent quality stitches. It has a large work surface that is about 8” wide x 12 ¼” in length. It also has a large LCD screen display.


1. Direct Pattern Selection

Selecting a pattern is very easy. You need to select your pattern from the most popular ones with just one touch.

2. Electronic Buttonholes

There are 16 buttonhole styles you can select from!! Juki combines both industrial and modern technology that automatically measures and sews the button both on the left and right.

3. Adjustable Cutting Width

It even adjusts the width of the buttonhole without actually decreasing or increasing the size of the stitch. So if it is thick fabric or thin fabric, it automatically adjusts everything. With this Juki HZL F600, you can adjust the width up to 7mm. This will allow you to get neat stitches for thick and thin fabrics.

4. Exclusive Advanced Thread Trimming

The machine automatically trims the top and bobbin threads in three ways. It can be done with a push of a button, foot-controlled, or even automatically programmed trims. If you are doing it with a foot controller, all you need to do is heel back on the controller, and the thread will be cut down precisely.

5. Complete Control and On-Board Guides

All you need to do is push a button, and you have all the control! This particular offers you so many features, such as needle up or down position. You can program automatic thread trimming.

Not just these, you can program so many things and control all of those things according to your need and preferences.

You can even change the volume on the machine buzzer. There are eight languages to select from. And if you need a little help, then you can always open the onboard sewing guide.

6. Powerful Feeding

The 7 points surgical steel feed dog system and the Exceed series can handle the heaviest projects very easily. The industrial style box-feed system means that it can evenly, smoothly, and easily light and heavy fabrics.

7. Combine, Save, and Recall

Now that you know that it has so much functionality, you probably think that what if you programmed a certain style, i.e., a sewing pattern, and you probably want to use that daily.

So you need to program that every day? That will be a bummer. Because it will take so much of your time and before getting the desired result you have to do so much, right?

But don’t you worry, Juki HZL-F600 comes to the rescue. Because guess what, you can save them to the machine memory!

You can save up to 70 patterns in 10 folders of memory! And that is so cool, right? You can repeat those patterns with a single touch of a button.

8. Perfect Needle and Stitch Placement

I must say that the Exceed series is so cool! It has so many functionalities. And one such is that it allows you to change the complete pattern without changing the width.

And as mentioned earlier, you can put the needle in your desired position. As the Exceed series has the functionality to change the position of the complete pattern, you can taper zigzag stitching to the right or center or even left to make it more attractive and decorative.

9. Quilting

Well, nothing can quilt better than a Juki! Quilting is continued with Juki’s rich tradition that the Exceeds series of machines has. Decorative and attractive quilts can be done.

The Exceed Series has some Exclusive Juki quilt stitches, which is also known as Random Stitches. You can also create freehand embroidery quilt stitches easily. In Juki HZL F600, perfect control is just a press away!

Few of the quilting it supports are:

10. Random Stitches

Do you love crazy quilters? Do you love decorative stitches? Then this feature is for you! You would love this, I promise. This is an exclusive quilt that is for quilting enthusiasts.

11. Drop the feed dogs and go

Do you love freehand quilts? You can have fun with the drop the feed dogs and go quilt that helps you do exactly that. Your interest in this Juki HZL F600 is slowly increasing. Right?

12. Knee Lever

This type of quilt allows a hands-free option. Wow! That is so cool, right?

Juki HZL-F600 reviews

13. Speed

Juki HZL F600 runs super fast and smooth. Can you guess the speed? It is 900 SPM which will make your sewing experience super smooth. In one minute, you can do 900 stitches which means in an hour, 54,000 stitches.

Wow! That is crazy. Right? And as it is a high-powered machine, you can continuously stitch for more than an hour. It is a heavy-duty machine, which explains why you can continuously do the stitches for more than an hour.

15. Noise

Does it create a lot of noise? Will it irritate you with the loud or say loud noise as it is also used for industrial purposes?

As we always assume that the industrial machine often makes a lot of noise.

But guess what?

You can play your favorite music in the background and keep stitching because it is silent.

Juki HZL F600 won’t make any noise while you are using it. It sounds like a great deal. Right? Well, what can I say? It is a great deal!

16. Stitches come built-in

It comes with a wide variety of built-in stitches.

Some of them are:

  • Zippers
  • Scallop Stitches
  • Blind Stitch
  • Decorative
  • Overcasting
  • Applique
  • Patchwork
  • Scallop Stitches
  • Bartacking
  • Buttonholes
  • Straight and Zigzag
  • Stretch Stitches

I am sure if you are a beginner, you might not have heard the names of many of these stitch types. But you know that is the beauty of Juki HZL F600. And if you have frequently used a pattern, you can directly use it from direct switch mode.

This will make it easy to use a certain type of stitch pattern while using a certain specific fabric. Yes, the number of options is high but don’t be afraid to try different patterns. All you need to do is press a button, and you can select your favorite pattern of the stitch.

And if you are wondering if the quality of stitches is good or bad? As it is using a robust feeding mechanism, it guarantees top-quality stitches for both lights as well as heavy fabrics. It produces superior quality results.

And talking about what kind of fabrics can it handle? Well, Juki HZL F600 has an advantage if your machine is very versatile.

So whether you are working with silk, velvet, heavy fabrics, or light fabrics, it can take it all. Juke HZL F600 can handle all the complicated as well as simple fabrics.

Who is it Best for and Why?

Everyone has a different need and a specific thing they need in their sewing machine. Some are doing it as a hobby, and they don’t know much, but they are trying to learn more whilst others earn through this and have very good knowledge about that.

Juki HZL F600 is not for everyone. It has so many features and functionality that it might be overwhelming for beginners. So I can say that it is mostly for intermediate or expert level people. But, listen to me if you are keen and ready to learn about this, you can surely go for this and learn.

It might take a decent amount of time to learn, but once you learn about its functions and features, you will be amazed at how much joy it gives to you. If you love to work with large fabrics, then it is probably for you too because the makers of Juki HZL F600 had you in their minds.

You are wondering if this is for you or not? Because you are a beginner and you are confused about what to do, right? Then keep on reading, and you will know where to draw a line and find what is right for you!

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Now listen to me, this machine has so many accessories that you will probably get confused. And it would be a little better if you knew about those accessories to use them.

But if you are a beginner, it will be really hard to understand which accessory is for what. And you would end up not using any of those or getting confused if you don’t have proper sources to learn.

Stitch Programming

Suppose you think plug and use the machine in your mind as a beginner that I am sorry to break to you that it is not so easy. Juki HZL F600 is a very high-level sewing machine, and it requires a lot of focus and understanding to operate the machine.

That is why the same product is used for industrial purposes, right? So if you are just starting, then learning like 200 or even more than that patterns will be overwhelming and hard.

Juki HZL F600 Pricing

As a beginner who is just trying to explore if you like this area or not to spend on this machine, it will probably be super expensive. You don’t want to spend such a price for something you might or might not like.

Right? I mean, you can probably buy a car for that amount. Yes, it is super expensive! Juki HZL F600 is a lifetime investment. And as a beginner, you don’t want to commit something so long. It would help if you tried to learn with something else and then invest in something like this.

Juki HZL-F600 reviews

Juki HZL F600: Things That I Like


It offers so many options to choose from. It has so many types to choose from. Will makes this machine so amazing. You can customize stitches as well.


As discussed earlier, you can customize stitches, and after customizing, you can save those customized stitches. You can save up to 70 patterns in 10 memory folders.

LCD Screen Display

LCD makes it easy because it displays the mode you are using, the type of stitch, and everything is displayed on the LCD screen. You can just select by touch and see the information on the display/

Work Surface

As it has a larger surface to work on, you can easily work on complicated areas, which won’t be a problem for you.

Box Feed

Sometimes you might have experienced that the fabric moves while sewing. Especially with silky material or heavy material. You will not experience this problem in the Juki HZL F600. It has a feature or, rather say, a mechanism named box feed which will help you deliver exceptional stitch quality.

Juki HZL F600: Things That I Don’t Like

Sometimes there are complaints that there is some trouble with automatic needle threaders.

There are even complaints regarding uneven stitches.

It does not have a USB port.

It is complex, and beginners may find it hard to use and understand.

The Knit Stitch Bottom Line: Juki HZL F600 Review

Juki HZL F600 has so many features, and we all will agree that it is perfect! It is like your dream sewing machine!

As discussed earlier, that is better for intermediate or experts rather than beginners. So you should go ahead and buy it! But not if you are a beginner.

Make sure you bookmark this Juki HZL F600 Reviews once you learn everything about sewing because you would want to buy this. But here are few things to keep in mind before buying the Juki HZL F600 machine, if:

  • It would help if you value your time.
  • Quilter.
  • Work with a variety of patterns of stitches or even say you would love to.
  • You are an experienced seamstress or sewist!
  • And obviously, it is a steal for the price it is. So go ahead and invest in this Juki HZL F600 machine because it is WORTHY of that amount!

The Knit Stitch Conclusion

Here are the Juki HZL F600 Reviews. I have also talked about its features, specifications, advantages and even disadvantages.

But if you think I have missed something out, comment on what I have missed out. If you have used Juki HZL F600, do share your experience with the machine in the comment section.

I would like to believe that I have addressed all the queries you have had, and the search is over now. The Juki HZL F600 has won so many hearts worldwide, and we all agree that it is a worthy purchase!

So go ahead and buy Juki HZL F600 and say bye-bye to all your sewing frustrations and welcome the Juki HZL F600.

Happy Sewing!

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