Juki TL2010Q Reviews: Is This Sewing Machine Any Good?

So, we are up here with yet another exciting Juki TL-2010Q reviews, popularly known as Quilter’s Dream Machine.

This exciting piece from the famous brand JUKI established back in 1965, is a fantastic product and stands out in the market, winning the hearts of its customers with its outstanding performance.

Here we will be personally giving Juki TL-2010Q reviews and will let you know every required detail.

Previously mentioned JUKI Sewing machines that have a touch of German design have already collected much fame for producing sewing machines for a long time.

Here we will give Juki TL-2010Q reviews, talk about various features, and will evaluate them. The features we will evaluate will include:

  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Light Weight Material
  • LCD Screen
  • Knee Lifter
  • Portable
  • Wider Handling Area
  • Light Weight

So, make sure that you hang on till the end and not miss out on any important tip.

This will help you choose the right product to serve your needs to the fullest and make its best use.

Overview of Juki TL2010Q

The professional Juki TL-2010Q is a perfect product for the professionals out there, and it is specially designed for straight stitching and quilting.

It can swiftly stitch at a very high speed of 1500 stitches per minute with a maximum stitching length of 6mm.

The machine consists of a single needle and stitches in a lock stitch pattern, ensuring that the stitches are strong and durable and are not easily tampered with.

This high-performance sewing and quilting machine is technologically advanced with salient features and a remarkable sleek outlook.

It is a perfect piece for performing long stitches and stitching flawless quilts alongside enjoying a smooth and hassle-free stitching experience.

This heavy-duty machine performs only straight stitches with a bobbin pin of type ‘L’ style.

The machine is easily portable, with a minimum weight of 25.4 pounds.

It even comes with a bunch of complementary accessories, which adds to the work efficiency.

juki sewing machine

Features of Juki TL2010Q

1. Lightweight:

The Juki TL-2010Q is not only mechanically sound but also is designed to give a sleek outlook.

The machine is technically designed with the lightest material and, in total, weighs 25.4 pounds. 

It is easily movable and is compactly designed to give a seamless experience.

Despite being lightweight, it is durable and performs an excellent job with strong straight stitches.

2. Portable:

Easy portability and mobility make a great impression on a machine.

It also decides the comfortability and ease of the stitcher, and here comes the fact that the Juki TL-2010Q again stands out, satisfying its stitcher.

Giving them the comfort of working at their favorite places can easily be portable and so that the work can go on swiftly without any tension about the environment.

3. Wider Handling Area

Another feature that is one of my personal favorites is the Wider Handling area.

This feature is rarely found in sewing machines but turns out to be of immense importance.

It gives the stitcher to stitch at an ease of comfort and also reduces the chances of wrong stitches to a greater extent.

The wide area is designed with aluminum die-casting to enhance the quality of the build-in space.

4. Automatic Thread Trimmer

The Automatic Thread Trimmer is an excellent feature that reduces a lot of strain.

The Juki TL-2010Q has a specialized push button to trim the thread from the bobbin after the stitching is done without any hassle.

And not only the push button but the foot controller also has ways to trim the thread making the machine more professional and easier to use.

juki tl2010q sewing machine

5. LCD Screen

Here comes the LCD Screen, which again counts as my favorite.

This feature is something that makes the work organized and is very useful for the stitcher.

This feature is mostly not present in most of the machines out there but is of immense importance.

It displays very clearly each and every detail of the stitch and also helps in guiding the beginners to get the best output from the machine.

6. Knee Lifter

The knee lifter capability of the Juki TL-2010Q has made it popular for its effortless knee lifting mechanism.

The knee lifter allows the stitcher to lower the foot pressure without using the hand.

This mechanism is very useful as, at times, it becomes a chaotic situation to adjust the foot pressure while stitching.

Those mentioned above highlighted features that make the Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine stand out for its performance and durability.

Along with them, some other features of the machine are an Automatic needle threader, Thread tension scale, Maximum Speed control, Pressure foot adjustment, Even feed foot, Individual buttons for various functions, and many more.

juki tl 2010q price

Juki TL2010Q Pricing

According to my, the number of features offered by the Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine and the complementary accessories and, of course, the performance it provides truly justifies the cost price.

The MRP of the Juki TL-2010Q is only INR 18,000, which is pretty fair.

The product also has a very good reputation in the market. And the brand name also justifies the cost price.

Juki TL2010Q: Things That I Like

The Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine is a beast for long straight stitches and quilting.

Its multiple features attract customers towards it like anything. We love some features such as the Wider handling area, LCD Screen, Portability, and stitching speed.

Overall, this machine is one of the best sellers in its domain and is perfect for beginners and professionals.

The machine also serves the expected quality requirement and never fails to please the customers.

juki tl2010q price

Juki TL2010Q Reviews: Things That I Don’t Like

The beast Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine has left no room for dislike, we must say.

Still, there is this one thing where we would expect a bit of improvement from the developer and manufacturer that is it provides only a single kind of stitch.

In my opinion, this kind of heavy-duty machine should consist of some more stitching patterns.

The Knit Stitch Bottom Line: Juki TL2010Q Reviews

The Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine is a must-buy, and we highly recommend it for all the quilting professionals out there.

And we also do recommend the same for beginners to get a seamless experience with long stitches.


Are Juki Sewing Machines Good?

Juki sewing machines are ruling the markets and already have a great impact on the minds of their customers through their excellent product manufacturing and services.

Is Juki Better Than Bernina?

Both Juki and Bernina are doing great in the sewing machine market.

Bernina sewing machines are cost-efficient as compared to Juki but somewhere lacks in feature and performance.

Which Is Better, Juki Or Janome?

Janome is one of the oldest among the manufacturers of sewing machines and has been doing wonders in sewing.

However, Juki is also a very good manufacturer and gives its customer all sorts of features.

But somewhere, Janome has a greater brand value.


To conclude this Juki tl2010q reviews, which is a high-quality mobile sewing machine with quilting capabilities is often difficult to discover.

Still, suppose you’re in demand for one.

In that case, the Juki TL-2010Q may be an outstanding intention because it has quilters and experienced sewing undertakings insanity.

This sewing machine appears complete with loads of features that make the sewing knowledge a superior one.

Whether you are a modern quilter or already have years of knowledge under your belt.

This machine is worth deeming because it mixes stunning details with a rather budget-friendly price tag.

The Juki TL-2010Q is ideal for quilting and perfect for dressmaking, tailoring, and home décor articles.

You can utilize it as a tabletop device or on machine quilting and shelves, subtracting its versatility.

Our Juki tl2010q reviews include all the evidence you may need before agreeing on whether this machine is worthy of standing on your sewing diagram.

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