Singer Futura XL 400 Reviews: Does it Justify its Price?

A month ago, we were thinking about buying a good quality machine that can do sewing and embroidery.

This was the first time when we got to know about the Singer Futura XL-400.

This product was having all types of features which we needed. It was the cheapest model providing almost all the features.

If we go for other models, they are generally overpriced.

So after knowing this product’s features, we decided to go for it even after reading negative Singer Futura XL-400 reviews.

Singer Futura XL-400 came in good quality packaging and had provided many accessories for giving a nice experience to you.

Type of accessories provided in the package are:

  • USB cables 
  • A CD containing software 
  • Thread spools caps 
  • Button sewing foot 
  • A pack of needles 
  • Bobbins 
  • Two embroidery hoops 
  • Singer Futura XL-400 user manual 

Overview of Singer Futura XL 400

1. Big Embroidery Area

One of the features we get to see in this product, Singer Futura XL-400 is a big embroidery area. Its embroidery is the area in the ratio of 10 inches by 6 inches which can also be enlarged by multiple hooping and after adjusting some of the alignments associated with the hoop. 

2. Multiple Types of Designs

Its small and large hoops can provide 250 types of designs.

3. Ease Alignments

Shifting your design or embroidery work to another part of the fabric alignment option will help you provide this product. This feature helps you in saving your time. This one is the most useful feature provided in this product. 

4. Speed Control

More eagerness and finer details are needed in sewing products. This feature helps you make your sewing process slower, which helps you get more comfortable in sewing with this machine and makes your sewing project finer.

5. Bright LED Lights

You had heard people saying that sewing stains eyes. The product Futura XL-400 has 6 lights that make your sewing surface flooded with lights, making your sewing process easier by helping you see what you are doing, and there is no strain on your eyes.

6. Tutorials are Built-In

It is computerized so may you think that you will have to sit with the manual to know how to use it. But that’s not true; the tutorials are built in this machine with some ease, and you will be able to get faster than usual.

7. Presser Foot Lift

Extra high presser foot helps you deal with heavy materials like denim which requires to be laid in a bunk. It enables you to place the amount of pressure needed.

Singer Futura XL 400 singer xl-400 futura reviews

Singer Futura XL 400: Things That I Like

Sharp throat or workspace – Other than older machines that we have used, a sharp throat is given in Singer Futura XL-400 which can be used for large projects. Because of this feature, we can sew shirts and sheets with relative ease.

Standard size needles – The types of needles in Singer Futura XL-400 are of standard sizes and shapes. Because of this feature, we can easily interchange them with our previous machines. The easy threading system is one of its features that reduces the inconvenience of performing the task by yourself.

Singer Futura XL 400: Things That I Don’t Like

Partly function threader – One of the most disturbing things this product contains is- it can only perform functions partly. It works only fifty percent of the time only, and it isn’t easy to use.

Small unwanted jerking’s – The second problem we encountered was the jerking created by the machine at high speed. Almost this problem is mentioned in every Singer Futura XL-400 review. There is only one way to stop these jerks by slowing the speed almost one-fourth of the maximum.

The persistent problem of bobbin threads – One of the most mentioned problems with SINGER Futura XL-400 is the inappropriate handling of top bobbins and threads. When the thread breaks down, the machine gets to stop; on the other hand, it fails to breakage or completes the bobbin thread.

As earlier mentioned by us, the machine’s looks can impress anyone, but its build quality is not good. Some of the parts from this machine come off seriously after a week only. Another persistent issue is the jamming of bobbins and needles with the bobbins case. The reason behind these problems is the rotation of the case, which can destroy some embroidery works.

Tension loss in thread – Loss of tension from the thread is also one serious problem present in SINGER Futura XL-400. This problem came after a few days of using it. Because of this problem, we tried rethreading too, but all went in vain. All we know is that these types of small defects can affect the whole work.

Ease of use – At first, we were happy to buy this product. The previous machines we used were lighter than the SINGER Futura XL-400. So we would advise you to keep it on an iron or wooden table of enough strength for safety. 

We should know how to set up computer software before operating this machine for the first time. The first thing we should have to do to set up a computer is installing the software connected to this machine. The computer takes thirty minutes in these installation and setup processes. So this is a frustrating task.

Singer Futura XL 400 singer futura

After all, this is when we decided to check the hoops provided with this product. It was extremely weak, which is truly irritating. This was the huge problem I found while writing the review of the Singer Futura XL-400.

The machine’s main purpose was embroidery work, for which many of us invested our money, which is made almost impossible because of these useless hoops. The machine was not able to hold the fabric in a particular position, which irritates a lot.

Afterward, we found that the defects of this machine do not affect if we will only use a single color and normal stitching. However, we cannot do multiple color stitching from this machine that most people need.

We had selected this even after reading many negative reviews. We thought that the review about the SINGER Futura XL-400 was not written by experts or professionals and considered them useless.

The Knit Stitch Bottom Line: Singer Futura XL 400 Review

If you ask for our review about this product. So we would say we were quite disappointed because of the performance of this machine. Because of improper engineering, it is having some serious problems.

This is the only reason behind negative Singer Futura XL-400 reviews. Most of its features are imperfect. If you want to buy a standard product for professional work, we would not recommend this product.

Singer Futura XL 400 singer embroidery machine

Details About Warranty

Several parts of the machine cover the warranty. But there is a difference in the time and warranty period of every part of the machine. The only manufacturing comes under the warranty criteria, and it is not applicable for damages caused by customers.

  • Warranty period of 25 years is provided for sewing machine heads.
  • The parts like motor, speed regulator, wire and similar components are given a warranty of 5 years.
  • One year warranty is provided for parts like belts etc.


To sum up Singer Futura XL-400 reviews, This machine can be used for small works in the long run.

But this is not the type of machine which you can use for professional sewing and embroidery work, with comparison with its price range.

We will give you the advice of comparing all machines in the market before making any choice.

You will have to research various websites to get the best product and make the right choice.

In our case, we did not have a good experience with Singer Futura XL-400 and surely was a waste of money; try to read reviews as much as you can and conduct small research for getting a variety of other options.

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